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Fight osteoporosis with these five bone building foods

by , 13 January 2014

Your bones are healthiest when you're in your 20s, every year after that, your bone mass starts to decrease as you age. But a diet low in calcium isn't the only reason your bones are breaking down quicker than they're building up. Post-menopausal women with low oestrogen levels have flimsy bones leading to osteoporosis too… Here's five bone building foods you should add to your diet to boost the health of your bones.

Taking a stand to prevent osteoporosis can mean something as simple as adding these five foods to your everyday diet.
You don’t have to sit back and wait for the day your doctor tells you that your bones are thinning. 
Eat these five foods to boost the health of your bones and decrease you’re risk of developing osteoporosis
#1. Yoghurt
Look for yoghurt that has high levels of calcium and vitamin D. Calcium helps to rebuild your bones, while vitamin D protects them from damage. 
While Greek yoghurt is healthy, it contains little to no vitamin D and very little calcium, so find the one on the shelf in your supermarket that’ll boost your bone health and growth.
#2. Cheese
One small piece of cheddar cheese the size of a dice will give you 30% of your daily calcium dose. 
But don’t go and eat the whole block; your joints won’t thank you for the additional weight of this fatty food. Enjoy in moderation!
#3. Eggs
An easy way to get 6% of your daily vitamin D dose is eating an egg for breakfast every morning. 
While it’s not a lot, it’s an easy way to start your day with some vitamin D. Don’t be too health conscious here and only eat the egg whites, the vitamin D is in the yolk!
#4. Spinach
If you have a spinach based lunch and dinner, you’ll get around 50% of your daily dose of calcium!
#5. Tuna
Once can of tuna will give you around 40% of your daily recommended dose of vitamin D! Just remember to go for the water-based option and don’t smother it in too much dressing. 
Eat your way to healthier and stronger bones with these five bone boosting foods!

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Fight osteoporosis with these five bone building foods
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