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Fight joint pain and swelling with niacinamide and willow bark

by , 27 November 2018
Fight joint pain and swelling with niacinamide and willow bark
Arthritis and joint pain is caused when your cartilage cells break apart, clog up the synovial fluid and bring on an inflammatory reaction. There are a number of factors that can cause or contribute to the pain, including age, genetics and a poor diet.

The good news is, no matter what you've been told, arthritis is far from inevitable - no matter your age. There is a lot you can do to reduce the inflammation and even repair your joints.

One of the first steps is to control joint pain. Read on below how you can do this with two natural compounds...

The natural pain busting compound that was swept under the carpet...

In 1949, Dr William Kaufman, published research about
niacinamide and osteoarthritis titled “The Common Form of Joint Dysfunction: Its Incidence and Treatment.”

Unfortunately, Dr Kaufman’s research came out around the same time that patented cortisone formulas were
being heavily promoted, so niacinamide treatment was hardly noticed.

But even though it never made much of a stir, niacinamide treatment works very well. Try 1,000mg of niacinamide three times a day (it doesn’t work as well if you only take it once or twice daily).

You’ll likely start feeling results in three to four weeks.
Many osteoarthritis sufferers achieve complete relief of pain and swelling as long as they continue taking

Niacinamide doesn’t appear to re-grow cartilage, so it’s best to use glucosamine along with it. If you have
diabetes and are concerned about glucosamine’s effects on blood sugar, niacinamide is a good companion for it. Niacinamide also has many benefits for blood sugar problems, and using it with glucosamine is even more likely to relieve your osteoarthritis symptoms.

Keep reading for the other natural pain busting nutrient...

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Willow bark has been proven to relieve pain equally as well as prescription painkillers…

Willow bark is actually the all-natural forerunner to aspirin. It’s been proven to relieve pain equally as well as prescription pain medications.

In a study published in the journal Rheumatology, researchers tested two groups of 114 participants each, treating one group with two to four 240-milligram doses of salicin (one of the main pain-relieving ingredients in willow bark extract) per day and the other with the same number of 12.5-milligram doses of rofecoxib (the generic name of Vioxx).

After four weeks there was no difference between the results for the two products in terms of pain, requirement for additional analgesics, or side effects.

Don't just accept your painful knees, wrists or shoulders, use these two natural supplements to relieve the pain without side-effects.

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Fight joint pain and swelling with niacinamide and willow bark
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