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Does your child complain about knee pain? Remedy the situation with selenium and vitamin E

by , 27 August 2013

When knee pain occurs in children between the ages of 10 and 15, it's not typically arthritis. Instead, it's usually a condition called Osgood Schlatter's disease, which is characterised by a tender swelling about 50cm below the kneecap, right over the front and top of the tibial bone. If your child suffers from this condition, read on to discover how to treat relieve your child of knee pain.

According to the MayoClinic, Osgood Schlatter’s disease or knee pain occurs in children and adolescents experiencing growth spurts during puberty.

Chances are if you go to a paediatrician, he’ll tell you there’s nothing he can do except recommend that you take aspirin and wait for it to go away. But that can take a year or more and in the meantime, the child has to sit on the sidelines and watch his classmates play at recess.

Luckily Dr Jonathan Wright of Nutrition&Healing has a better solution: Vitamin E and selenium.

Treat your child’s knee pain with Vitamin E and selenium…

According to Dr Wright, 250mcgs of selenium and 400IU of vitamin E as mixed tocopherols (powerful antioxidants) will usually get rid of the pain in just four to six weeks.

“I’m not sure why most paediatricians haven’t heard of this simple technique, but I've been writing about it since 1979,” he says.
According to WebMD, selenium is a mineral found in the soil. It naturally appears in water and in some foods. What makes this mineral effective is that not only does it play an important role in metabolism, but it also has antioxidant properties. Antioxidants protect cells from damage.

Like selenium, vitamin E is also an antioxidant supplement that helps slow down cell damage. Your body requires it to function properly.

As always, it’s best to consult with your doctor before you treat your child or yourself.

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Does your child complain about knee pain? Remedy the situation with selenium and vitamin E
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