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Does the position you sleep in have an effect on your health?

by , 20 December 2013

Ever consider just how you sleep and how it could be affecting your health? Probably not, because you're sleeping right? Well, here are a few reasons you should pay a little more attention to your most comfy nap position.

There are very few people who manage to stay in the same position throughout the night, waking up in the same position as they went to bed in… But these lucky few are likely to have had the best sleep because they haven’t tossed and turned during the night, waking themselves up. 
Let’s have a look at which of the positions people most commonly sleep in are the best for your body and what health implications the others have…
Sleeping on your back with your arms resting at your sides:
This is the best position to sleep in and protects your back and neck – just don’t prop yourself up on too many pillows otherwise this defeats the object and pulls your neck out of alignment with the rest of your body. 
You’ll tend to snore more when you sleep on your back, especially if you’re carrying a bit of extra weight. 
There are also more cases of sleep apnoea recorded in people who sleep on their backs and they’re overweight or obese. 
Sleeping on your stomach:
Your digestion is better if you sleep on your stomach. But, with your head rotated to the side the entire night, there is little support for your neck. 
Suffering from lower back pain is common because there’s no support for the curve of your back while you sleep like this.  
Sleeping on your side:
The benefit or lack thereof also depends on which side you like to sleep. 
Sleeping on your side keeps the curve of your back in its natural position. Your risk of having sleep apnoea also goes down. 
If you like sleeping on your right side, you might suffer from indigestion, while sleeping on your left side puts pressure on your liver, lungs and stomach.

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