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Do you suffer from painful muscles? Chase it the pain away with garlic

by , 30 January 2013

For centuries, garlic has been associated with fighting off evil spirits and keeping vampires at bay. Now, studies show eating raw garlic every day could help chase away chronic arthritis pain as well…

“If you live long enough — that is, beyond 50 or 60 — chances are one or more of your joints, probably your knees or hips, will become arthritic,” says Jan Brody on the New York Times’ “Well” blog. 
And there’s no doubt that living with arthritis is painful. 
But thanks to a great little vegetable, that’s about to change... 
Studies show that garlic’s benefits go beyond making meals taste great and lowering your blood pressure
According to J.O. Ban, lead author for a 2009 study published in Arthritis Research and Therapy, “Garlic may be helpful in managing arthritis pain or preventing arthritis due to its selenium content”. 
Selenium’s antioxidant activity acts against free radicals – the main reasons for people developing arthritis and other health problems. It’s antioxidant properties are also known to help reduce inflammation and help with pain management.
How to reap the benefits of garlic 
But there’s just one catch: To experience garlic’s surprising pain relief benefits, you need to eat between two and three raw cloves of garlic a day. Cooking or baking it eliminates allicin (garlic’s chemical compound that helps with relieve muscle pain), warns a recent Health Bytes’ article. Start today, and in just a few weeks, you could begin to experience relief from the painful muscles associated with arthritis.

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Do you suffer from painful muscles? Chase it the pain away with garlic
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