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Do you experience pain in your lower back, buttocks and back of your legs?

by , 20 April 2020
Do you experience pain in your lower back, buttocks and back of your legs?
Sciatica pain can affect your quality of life.

The sciatica are a pair of nerves that begin in the back, inside the spinal column and run down the back of both legs all the way to the ankle.

When this nerve becomes injured or is pressed upon in the
spine, it can send waves of pain radiating down the lower back and the side or back of the leg and into the foot.

Find out below how to test to see if your lower back pain stems from your sciatica nerve...

A simple test that will tell you if your back pain comes from your sciatica nerve...

You can test whether your sciatica nerve is the reason for your pain at home. You will need someone to help you with this home test. 

It's called the straight leg lift test and it's quite simple. 

Lie flat on your back with your legs fully extended. Ask the person helping you to lift one of your legs at a time. If you experience pain when your leg is lifted, there is a sciatica problem.

Usually pain will shoot down the affected leg when it reaches an angle from about twenty-five to seventy-five degrees. When your leg is lifted this way it stretches the nerve roots at the spinal cord and they are put under increased tension, which causes the pain.

If your pain does stem from your sciatica nerve, there are things you can do to ease the pain. Keep reading to find out about them...

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Therapies and remedies for sciatica pain...

Hot Packs

Hot packs, moist or dry, should not be used on a new injury. But after the injury is moderated, hot packs can help bring new blood into the region and help stimulate healing.

The heat is soothing to any injury and with the increase in blood supply and oxygen it will help decrease muscle tension. Heat can also stimulate the large sensory fibres
decreasing the perception of pain.


A good massage can offer relief, even if temporary, from any number of back pains
and aches and troubles including sciatica and studies in the last couple of years are beginning to back them up.

The massage is designed to eliminate stress and tension while increasing blood flow and
oxygen to the area to speed healing. In addition it is thought to help eliminate acids and other waste products that have accumulated helping to relieve pain.


Some doctors and homeopaths advise the use of hydrotherapy as a means of reducing the inflammation associated with sciatica and in many cases reducing the pain.

Most people think of exercising in a heated pool as hydrotherapy but any therapeutic use of water is actually hydrotherapy.


Yoga exercises and breathing techniques have been used for hundreds of years to treat back pain. Many back problems can result from poor posture, stress and structural

Yoga enthusiasts say that learning even the simplest postures can teach people to see how they distribute their weight, how they use or abuse their spines, and show up any weak points they have in general posture.

In yoga the spine is the center of the body, and all postural exercises focus on the spine. The biggest emphasis is lengthening the spine and realigning it. After this has been accomplished through the postures and correct breathing, a lot of a person’s back pains will simply go away.

Try these techniques to test whether your pain is related to your sciatica nerve and to ease the pain.

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