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Cut your risk of bone fractures with this one simple vitamin...

by , 06 May 2013

Researchers looked at 12 double-blind randomised trials recently, involving 42,279 participants taking vitamin D.

And, what they found is very good news...

A daily dose of 400IU or more of vitamin D could reduce hip fractures by 18% and non-vertebral fractures by 20%.
But there is something you should know... The trick is not just to get enough vitamin D when you're in your senior years... It’s to get enough vitamin D from an early age...
When the researchers looked at all of the data from the trials for all dosages, they found only a 9% decrease in the risk of hip fractures and a 14% decrease in the risk of non-vertebral fractures.
But when they just looked at the studies using higher doses, the fracture risks dropped dramatically.
Our bodies make vitamin D when exposed to the sun. But if you don't get at least 20 minutes of direct sunshine (without sunscreen) every day, you should consider supplementing.
Dr Wright recommends 4,000IU of vitamin D per day for adults along with at least 1,000mg of calcium.

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Cut your risk of bone fractures with this one simple vitamin...
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