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Could this vitamin be the secret to treating this common sports injury?

by , 18 March 2013

Sports injuries come with the territory. Just ask Indian cricket player, Shikhar Dhawan who suffered a hand injury while fielding against Australia in the third test yesterday. But the good news is, there's an easy solution to a common injury that affects many budding sportsmen's hands - carpal tunnel injury.

 “Shikhar Dhawan, who smashed his way into the record books on Saturday by scoring the fastest-ever Test century on debut in India’s first innings, was last night seen outside the Fortis Hospital in Chandigarh with two bandages on his fingers,” reports The Hindu.

While no bones were broken, doctors have advised Dhawan to sit out the India’s second batting innings. It’s a big blow for the Indian cricket team. And an even bigger blow for Dhawan who doesn’t know how much time it’ll take to relieve his symptoms.

Sports injuries are common – especially when it comes to hands.

In fact, if you’ve ever done a handstand, held a cricket bat or tennis racket or even if you spend a large amount of time at your desk typing on your computer, you’ve put your wrists at risk for one of the most common hand injuries of all – carpal tunnel injury.

What is carpal tunnel injury?

You're working at your desk, trying to ignore the tingling or numbness you've had for months in your hand and wrist. Suddenly, a sharp, piercing pain shoots through the wrist and up your arm. Just a passing cramp? More likely you have carpal tunnel syndrome, a painful progressive condition caused by compression of a key nerve in the wrist.

What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

“Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve, which runs from the forearm into the palm of the hand, becomes pressed or squeezed at the wrist,” explains The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.

This causes pain, weakness, or numbness in the hand and wrist, radiating up the arm. While it tends to be quite painful, most people who don’t do a lot of a sport often put the pain down to a ‘passing cramp’. But if you ignore it, this painful condition will progress and could eventually lead to immobility of your hand.

Put a stop to carpal tunnel injury with this vitamin…

If your doctor confirms that you have carpal tunnel syndrome, don’t opt for surgery until you try this incredible natural option suggests natural health practitioner Dr Jonathan Wright in Nutrition & Healing.

“Instead, try taking 100 milligrams of vitamin B6 three times daily for several weeks,” he suggests.

“In several research studies, vitamin B6 deficiency has been associated with carpal tunnel syndrome,” reports altmedicine.about.com.

“A study by the Portland Hand Surgery and Rehabilitation Centre in Oregon examined 441 people and found that higher levels of vitamin B6 were associated with fewer carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms.”

You can up your body’s intake of vitamin B6 by including sweet potatoes, avocados, brown rice, sunflower seeds, bananas, and mangoes into your diet.

Take this test if you’re not sure whether your wrist pain is a sign of carpal tunnel injury

“Try bending your wrist forward and compressing it firmly from behind. Hold it for two or three minutes.”

“If that brings on or aggravates the pain and/or numbness, it's a good indicator that you might indeed have carpal tunnel syndrome. Of course, you should schedule an appointment with a physician to be sure,” advises Dr Wright.

Don’t live with the pain associated with carpal tunnel injury. Up your intake of vitamin B6 to alleviate the symptoms associated with this common sports injury.

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Could this vitamin be the secret to treating this common sports injury?
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