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Back pain in young athletes is on the increase. Protect your children by following these simple steps.

by , 03 January 2014

The third most common site of pain in athletes under the age of 18 is in the lower back. Even a single injury to the back can lead to a lifetime of lower back problems. Make sure that you can prevent this from happening to your sporty children!

If your child suffers from an injury in field, it has the potential to keep them on the side-line for up to six months. Their school season is surely over by then and they haven’t had the practice that they wanted to be able to progress the following year. 
Children should play a variety of sports to prevent back pain from injuries
One of the most important pieces of information here is that children should play a variety of sports during their adolescent years. This allows different areas of their bodies to become stronger and does not only provide stress to one area constantly. 
Encourage your children to try out all of the sports that they can at school. For example, they can swim in summer and play rugby or netball in winter. 
Your child should know how to react to the back pain and prevent the injury
Teach your child to warm up properly. 
Practice the coordination of movements to make sure that they are not constantly jerking their bodies unnecessarily.
Teach your child to relax. Stress is a sure way to increase the risk of injury.
Encourage them to play smart and not hard. 
Get them to strengthening classes so that they can also build and strengthen their core muscles. 
When there is back pain, they need to know when to stop
If there is pain in the back, give it a day’s rest. If that hasn’t eased the pain, rest for a week.
If there are symptoms of pain for more than two weeks, seek professional advice. A sports physician is the right person to go to as they will tell you what you can and can’t do with the injury. 
An injury that you get while you’re young could cause you a lifetime of pain if you don’t let it heal or rest properly. 
Don’t take the chances on your body while you’re young. Learning the right way can ensure that you have many happy years in field. 

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Back pain in young athletes is on the increase. Protect your children by following these simple steps.
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