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Are your bones fat?

by , 05 November 2013

Did you know, when you put on weight, it doesn't just go into your soft tissue. Your bones get fat too!

And this increases your risk of fractures, breaks and even osteoporosis

So, that's another reason to get your weight back in order. It's weakening your bones.

Weight on the body is weight on the bones
Researchers at Harvard University measured the fat levels in obese men and women.  They found that people who had significantly high levels of fat in the liver, muscles and blood also had high amounts of fat within their bone marrow. This leads to weaker bones and eventually osteoporosis.
Fat bones lead to breaks
When fat cells grow inside your bone marrow, they can chase out the osteoblast cells responsible for new bone formation.
When these cells can’t form new bone, you could end up with weak bones, fractures and breaks, or worse. Low levels of osteoblast cells and high levels of fat cells inside your bones are high risk factors for osteoporosis.
When you put on too much weight your body produces high levels of adiponectin, a hormone related to obesity know to damage bone, increasing the risk of fractures, breaks and osteoporosis
Too much fat is bad for your bones. Protect your bones and your health – lose the extra weight and cut out the fat -  wherever it may be hiding. 

You can dance, bowl, golf, work in the garden and enjoy an active lifestyle for years to come...

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Are your bones fat?
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