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7 Common foods that could be causing your joint pain...

by , 13 August 2021
7 Common foods that could be causing your joint pain...
If you experience some days that you can barely walk up the stairs and getting up off the couch is excruciating... while other days are better, the foods you ate over the last two or three days could be the cause of your flare-ups...

Find out here about seven of the foods that could cause inflammation and cause your joint pain...

How to track if these foods are behind your sore joints

The best way to check whether a specific food is causing inflammation in your joints is to keep a food diary. 

Note down everything you eat and drink. 

When you experience a flair up, analyse what you've consumed in the last three days (yes, it can take that long for symptoms to manifest themselves)...

And then begin what's known as an elimination diet. This involves taking the foods (one by one starting with the one you think may be the suspect) and eliminating it completely from your diet for three weeks.

After the three weeks, reintroduce it and if you experience another flair up, you know it's a culprit...

But there may be more than one...

So if you get a flair up, while having eliminated another, then simply repeat the process. Check what you've eaten over the past three days and eliminate the next food you think may be the culprit for three weeks before reintroducing it. 

Be careful when reintroducing the foods as you could have an aggressive reaction to it. 

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These foods have been found to be problematic for certain people:

Foods containing monosodium glutamate (MSG) 

It's in some Chinese food, salad dressing, gravy, sauces and many other packaged foods. Read labels carefully to identify this culprit.

soybean oil 

It's in mayonnaise, salad dressing, biscuits, pre-packaged desserts and fried foods. It's high on Omega-6 fatty acids which are inflammatory.

Keep reading for more... 

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Night-shade vegetables

"Night-shade' vegetables can cause inflammation in people who cannot make the enzymes to digest them. Tomatoes, brinjals, peppers and potatoes form part of this family of vegetables. 

Refined carbs

Your body treats these carbs the same way as sugar - and sugar in highly inflammatory. Refined carbs are those that go to the mill - so anything made with any flour. Eat whole foods instead - the way they're found in Nature. 

Dried fruits

They may seem healthy but they're full of sugar... And you already know what sugar can do to your joints.


Some people can't process gluten properly and over time it just gets worse. Many of the foods that contain gluten are also refined carbs - so eliminating anything with flour in it will do the trick. 


Diet foods containing aspartame can also cause an inflammatory reaction.

Some of these foods would be best kept out of your diet altogether so you may choose to just keep doing without them once you've eliminated them for three weeks and discovered you can live without them... Even if they're not directly associated with your joint pain.  

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7 Common foods that could be causing your joint pain...
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