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6 Dangerous medication mistakes you need to know about...

by , 01 April 2019
6 Dangerous medication mistakes you need to know about...
It's important to tell your doctor what medication you're taking when he's just about to pass you a new script for another pill. That's common sense and most people remember to do that.

However, it's the occasional medication or the over-the-counter medication you may add to the mix on days when your pain seems less bearable, or you injure yourself that may present a bigger problem.

Read below about six drug interactions everyone should know about...

Don't ever take these drugs together...

1. If you take antidepressants, don't take methadone - a strong pain killer. There's a risk for addiction as well as over-sedation.  

2. If you take the blood thinner, coumadin, don't take aspirin, or ginseng. It increases the risk for internal bleeding.  

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3. If you have high blood pressure, don't take oral nasal decongestants. They can spike your blood pressure even more. 

4. If you take opioids for your pain, don't take benzodiazepines for anxiety or insomnia. They cause breathing problems.

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5. If you take pain medications, check with your doctor before taking migraine medications. These can cause problems with your adrenal gland and sex hormones.
6. If you take allopurinol for gout, don't take azathioprine for rheumatoid arthritis. This can suppress your immune system further, putting you at risk of a serious infection.
Always check with your doctor before taking medication. 

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6 Dangerous medication mistakes you need to know about...
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