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4 Unusual causes of back pain...

by , 26 February 2020
4 Unusual causes of back pain...
Chronic back pain is on of the leading causes for people missing work, high medical costs, disability and issues with quality of life.

Experts always thought back pain is caused by disease, age or injury.

But, a new study found another four causes in your life that could be leaving you with a sore back!

Keep reading to find out what they are...

Could any of these four causes be behind your chronic back pain?

#1. Smoking:

If you‟re a smoker, and are nicotine dependent, your risk of suffering from chronic back pain is significantly higher than someone who doesn‟t smoke or someone who smokes only seldomly.

The only option you have is to stop smoking and give your body the best health you can for it to function properly.

#2. Your weight:

If you‟re carrying more weight around than your body should, it could cause chronic back pain.

Even if you lose a small amount of weight, it could change a significant amount of pressure put on your back and your pain could decrease immediately.

Keep reading... 

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#3. Drinking too much alcohol:

When you drink too much alcohol, your chance of chronic back pain increases significantly too.

The toxins in your body from alcohol affect your immune system and can impact your back pain.

So, stick to the daily limits your body can handle to keep chronic back pain at bay.

#4. Depression:

If you suffer from depression, you‟re also more likely to develop chronic back pain.

It‟s also an inflammatory condition, which, when not controlled, can cause autoimmune reactions.

Talk to your doctor about your depression and what options you have to keep it under control the natural way.

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4 Unusual causes of back pain...
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