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New studies showing great promise for natural asthma relief…

by , 04 November 2013

If you struggle with the gasping, wheezing and coughing of asthma, you probably wouldn't leave home without your asthma inhaler. It's in your bag or pocket whether you go shopping, out to dinner or even when you walk your dog…

If you're tired of living life between inhaler puffs, I have some news for you today that could help relieve your asthma symptoms so you're not so reliant on your asthma inhaler.

Treat your asthma naturally with this age-old wonder root…

Two new studies have revealed a possible medical breakthrough for asthma sufferers. Finally, you may be able to safely and naturally treat your asthma. 

The first study out of Columbia University looked at the ability of a ginger extract to relax the airways and help asthmatics to breathe easier. 

Just a little bit of ginger was all it took to relax the constricted airway tissues of the participants. And, when they used ginger in combination with their bronchodilator, the treatment was even more effective… 

Ginger is a natural powerhouse: It’s also an effective remedy for nausea, migraines and inflammation. And, it could even help ward off prostate cancer.

Two simple lifestyle changes that help soothe asthma symptoms

Japanese researchers may have stumbled upon a surprisingly simple, safe and natural way to control asthma without the use of potentially dangerous prescription drugs.

The scientists from the Japanese National Centre for Global Health and Medicine studied the lifestyle habits of 437 adults suffering from asthma. 

They found that adults who exercised just one hour a week and ate at least five servings of fresh vegetables per day were able to effectively control their asthma symptoms. 

In fact, moderate exercise routine and eating vegetables were even more effective than losing weight or cutting back on booze for asthma relief.

It’s refreshing to know an inhaler doesn’t have to be a life sentence. Mother Nature offers a helping hand when it comes to asthma relief.

High veggie diet and exercise can help ease asthma symptoms: (post.jagran.com)


Get natural relief from asthma, bronchitus, sinus problems and allergies today!

Back in the 19th century, an amazing health secret was discovered deep in a Polish mine... It has since helped thousands of people to breathe more easily... feel more active... and get a good night's sleep.
Allergy specialist, Dr Zoltan Ronai, did a study on 50 people over 2 weeks, using this discovery. Here's what she found:
  • 73.9% of the subjects who usually experienced breathing problems during the day claimed there was a vast improvement.
  • 65.2% of those with chronic coughs indicated that they felt much better after two weeks.
  • 65.4% of the test subjects who coughed at night reported a significant improvement.
If you suffer from asthma, allergies, hay fever, bronchitis, nasal catarrh, sinus problems, snoring, chronic coughs and the effects of smoking and pollution... 

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New studies showing great promise for natural asthma relief…
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