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Use these bath secrets to help ease your joint pain

by , 24 April 2015

If you suffer from joint pain and swelling, you probably take a handful of pills every day to help numb your pain. But, some days, they just don't help and you end up feeling sore and miserable.

The good news is now you can relax in a hot bath and soothe your joint pain away with these bath secrets...

Natural remedies for arthritis that don’t come in a pill

When you don’t feel like taking anymore pills, take some time off and soak in a relaxing bath with these special ingredients to get natural relief from your joint swelling and pain:

1. Apple cider bath: This detox bath helps soothe inflammation from arthritis and gout. Apple cider contains calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and potassium that help relieve joint pain. It also contains the anti-oxidants; beta-carotene and acetic acid that help soothe the pain away.

A bath is the perfect way to soak up these nutrients. Here’s how to prepare your apple cider bath: 
Just before bed, add one to two cups of apple cider vinegar when you’re running your hot bath. Sip a glass of water while you soak in the bath for 30 minutes. The apple cider will make you sweat so it’s important to drink lots of water.

2.   Epsom salts: Contain magnesium sulphate which helps repair strained muscles and tendons in the joints, and soothe pain.
3.   Aromatherapy oils: Add a couple of drops of any of these oils to your bath to help increase blood flow to your joints and soothe joint pain. You can try any of these individually or a combination of two or three until you find a blend that works best for you: Peppermint, cedarwood, eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender, nutmeg, yarrow, cloves, sage, sweet marjoram, black pepper, juniper berry, bay laurel and cinnamon leaf.

There you have the natural remedies for joint pain and swelling that don’t involve swallowing more pills.

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Use these easy home remedies for rheumatoid arthritis to help you manage your pain

Sometimes, you just need a little extra help managing your joint pain and these natural remedies are the perfect solution. Plus, they’re a great way to take some time off and rest your aching joints. 

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Use these bath secrets to help ease your joint pain
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