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Today, Dr Oz shares three of his favourite natural pain relief remedies

by , 19 February 2015

Pain can ruin your entire day.

And even if it's just a sore finger, you always seem to bump it in just the right spot to remind you that you're in pain.

Now, I can just imagine if that happens to me so often, what living with constant and chronic pain is like for you every day.


That's why I went on the hunt to look for some ways that'll provide you with natural pain relief.

Here are Dr Oz's favourites…

Use these remedies for natural pain relief

#1. Vitamin B12
This vitamin is essential in a lot of processes in your body. Not only does your body need it to ensure the iron components on your blood for oxygen carrying are up to scratch, it’s involved in the structural function of every tissue in your body.Try this natural back pain relief
And that’s why it’s a natural pain relief remedy.
When you’re in pain, it’s your nerves that send signals to your brain to tell you it’s sore. And the more your nerves involve themselves in the area of injury, the more likely you are to be in a huge amount of pain.
But by taking vitamin B12, the nerves not directly involved in the injury don’t short circuit because the B12 helps the tissues around them insulate them.
Dr Oz says you can take 1mg to 2mg every day to help with back pain.
#2. Capsaicin
The active ingredient in chillies may cause your tongue to throb, ache and burn, but it provides great natural pain relief when you apply it to an area of your skin where underlying muscles or joints are sore.
It literally blocks the pain response and leaves you with only a slight tingling on the skin where you rubbed the cream in.
Our Arthritis Relief Cream is one product that uses the power of capsaicin to provide natural pain relief.
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#3. Powdered ginger
The natural oil from the ginger root that you get in powdered ginger too, has natural anti-inflammatory properties.
This means it can help with natural pain relief from the inside out.
You can even drink ginger tea to help with every day pain!
There you have it. The easiest ways to deal with chronic every day pain is to use these natural ingredients.
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Today, Dr Oz shares three of his favourite natural pain relief remedies
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