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This is the best type of yoga for arthritis and joint pain

by , 27 November 2017
This is the best type of yoga for arthritis and joint pain
Finally! Researchers from Florida Atlantic University in the United States have found a new, non-drug remedy for arthritis and yoga pain: Chair yoga.

According to their study, this type of yoga, which involves using a chair for support in modified yoga poses, could have real benefits for older adults with osteoarthritis by easing pain and increasing mobility. For the full findings, read on…

Study finds that chair yoga can help older adults with arthritis and joint pain

To reach their findings, the researchers looked at 131 seniors with osteoarthritis – a type of arthritis that occurs when flexible tissue at the ends of your bones wears down due to lifelong wear and tear in your joints – in their knees, hips, feet or ankles. They divided the people into two groups: One group attended a chair yoga programme twice a week, while the other attended a health education programme twice a week.
The researchers found that after eight weeks, the people who did chair yoga had a greater reduction in arthritis and joint pain. They also had a decrease in fatigue and pain interference or the extent to which their pain interfered with their daily activities, and an improvement in their walking speed compared to those in the other group.


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“For most people with osteoarthritis, chronic pain is a major issue, and they rely on many pain meds that can really affect their health,” said co-author JuYoung Park, PhD, an associate professor at Florida Atlantic University’s College for Design and Social Inquiry. “We know exercise, like aerobics, can help manage pain, but a lot of people aren’t able to do these exercises because they’re afraid of falling or balancing. Chair yoga offers a support system for them to do exercises.”
The researchers published these findings in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

Making sure you go slow and listen to your body is key…

Are you interested in trying chair yoga? Then make sure you go slow and listen to your body, suggests celebrity yoga instructor Kristin McGee. “Pay attention to the difference between the discomfort of a stretch and actual pain.” In other words, while you can breathe through discomfort, if something truly hurts, you should stop doing it.
There you have it – the best type of yoga for arthritis and joint pain.

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This is the best type of yoga for arthritis and joint pain
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