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The ONE thing you must do if you suffer from back pain...

by , 23 August 2018
The ONE thing you must do if you suffer from back pain...
Orthopaedist Dr Mark Knaub, of Penn State Hershey Medical Center in Pennsylvania, says that approximately eight in every 10 people suffer from back pain at some point.

According to Dr Knaub, ligament, tendon and muscle strains or soft tissue injuries top the list of the most common causes of back pain.

When you twist, bend, fall or lift heavy objects, these injuries can occur.

People who suffer from mental health problems such as depression are also at heightened risk of back pain. “When people have chronic back problems, there is a large psychological component to it. Being depressed causes pain, and being in pain makes you depressed,” Dr Knaub explained.

But before you reach for the anti-inflammatories, read below, there is a far more effective solution for curbing your back pain for good...

The solution for back pain in the short term AND the long term...

Dr Knaub says that, “Physical therapy can give you techniques to lessen your symptoms in the short term, and get you back to being active and mobile.”
“In the intermediate to long term, it can strengthen the core muscles that support the spine, and could decrease the likelihood of having another episode in the future.”

Heal your pain with or WITHOUT your doctor...
Especially the lower back is largely dependent and supported by the abdominal muscles. These muscles stabilise the spine by generating pressure posteriorly on the spine. The lower back muscles also provide support from the opposite side.

The stronger the muscles that surround the spine, the less stress is placed on the discs and joints of the spine. 

Developing your core muscles will provide this support. 

Wipe your pain away with this "Instant pain relief" wonder 

Just two drops of a clear liquid could relieve your joint pain instantly - for hours.

No pills or injections needed!

Two drops. 45 seconds. Zero pain. 

Imagine applying just two drops of a clear liquid in a little brown bottle to wherever you're hurting... And in less than a minute you're able to climb stairs easily... bend over to pet the dog... get up from the couch... and enjoy a good night's sleep without almost ANY pain. 

Plus, there’s no side-effects

Why keep on suffering when there’s a solution this safe and simple?

Wipe away your pain here…

Ways to soothe your back pain temporarily

Heat application, ice packs and electrical stimulation can help you improve pain temporarily. You can buy heat or cold packs at the chemist for this. There are also electrical kits you can buy. Soaking in a hot bath may also help. But, it makes sense that strengthening your core muscles would be more beneficial in the long run.

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The ONE thing you must do if you suffer from back pain...
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