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Suffering from arthritis? Do these three stretches for knee pain…

by , 19 March 2014

When you're living with arthritis in your knees, you may suffer from frequent flare-ups of the symptoms in your knees. The worst part of this is that you're not able to move about as you'd like to because your knees are sore and stiff! But there is a solution. When you feel the first sign of the onset of your symptoms, do these three stretches for knee pain…

Do these three stretches for knee pain
#1. Chair stretch: Sit on a chair with one leg straight out in front of you with your foot on another chair. Sit upright and push your knee towards the ground. Don’t physically touch your knee and push, use your thigh muscles to do it. Hold for five to ten seconds, relax and repeat five times with each leg.
#2. Heel slide: Lie on the ground with your one knee bent and the other leg straight on the floor. Slide the heel of your bent leg along the floor until it’s next to the other leg. Now slide your heel back until your knee is back in the starting position. Repeat five times with each leg.
#3. Towel lift: Sit in a chair with your feet on the floor, your knees bent at 90-degrees. Step onto a long towel with one of your feet and grab the towel ends with your hands. Pull the towel up so that your foot lifts about 30cm off the floor. Hold for five seconds and repeat five times with each foot.

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Stretch as part of your regular exercise session in your treatment of arthritis
When your knees start seizing up in an episode of flare-up of your arthritis symptoms, your muscles also tend to cramp and increase the stiffness and pain in your knees. But a good stretch can help relieve this pain and tension, says sparkpeople.com. 
Do these three stretches for knee pain whether your knees are sore or not. So do them twice a day to keep your knees flexible and pain-free.

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Suffering from arthritis? Do these three stretches for knee pain…
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