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Physiotherapy could soothe your knee pain and save you from surgery

by , 18 March 2014

Osteoarthritis patients often suffer from a torn meniscus. This is when the cartilage in the knee tears. Many doctors recommend painful knee surgery to relieve joint pain from a torn meniscus. But now a new study shows physiotherapy may be just as good as surgery for repairing the damaged knee cartilage. Here's what happened in the trial…

Physiotherapy could be just as effective as surgery for the treatment of your knee pain

Doctors at seven large hospitals in the US recruited 351 people with knee osteoarthritis and a meniscal tear.

Half the participants completed six weeks of physiotherapy. The physiotherapists were aiming to reduce joint swelling, strengthen the muscles around the knee and improve the knee’s range of motion.

The other half of the group had surgery to remove the damaged joint cartilage and repair the remaining bit. They also completed the same physiotherapy programme after the surgery.

Participants in both groups reported similar improvements in knee function and joint pain at six and 12 months.

This is good news for osteoarthritis patients. But how will you know if your knee pain is from a torn meniscus and not just from the osteoarthritis?


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Four signs a torn meniscus could be intensifying your knee pain

In people with osteoarthritis, the meniscus can tear without injury. This because of the ongoing erosion of the cartilage. Here are the symptoms of a torn meniscus to look out for…

  • Stiffness and swelling of the knee
  • Joint pain and tenderness of the knee
  • Joint swelling around the knee
  • Catching or locking of the knee

Don’t rush into knee surgery, physiotherapy may be all you need to soothe your joint pain

If you have these symptoms, don’t let your doctor talk you into surgery straight away.

Even a torn meniscus offers some benefit as a shock absorber for the knee so it may be a better option to go for physiotherapy than surgically removing part of the knee cartilage. For other ways to fight Arthritis and Win, click here…

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Physiotherapy could soothe your knee pain and save you from surgery
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