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Forget NSAIDs! Here's how to manage arthritis pain the natural way

by , 26 February 2018
Forget NSAIDs! Here's how to manage arthritis pain the natural way
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) have been the primary treatment for arthritis pain and other symptoms for over 50 years.

But here's the thing: Natural alternatives to these conventional drugs offer a significant advantage. Unlike NSAIDs, natural strategies don't increase your risk of serious health problems including heart failure, gastrointestinal damage, ulcers, internal bleeding, renal failure and severe allergic reactions.

Glucosamine and Boswellia serata supplements are two popular natural remedies for arthritis pain. In addition, we recommend the following natural strategies to manage and reduce pain.

Five drug-free ways to manage and reduce arthritis pain

#1: Live an active lifestyle
Staying physically active is key to keeping arthritis pain at bay – think walking, bicycling and swimming. In addition to reducing pain, exercising will improve your mobility, physical function, mental health and overall quality of life.
#2: Watch your weight
Maintaining a healthy weight will help reduce your risk of developing arthritis in the first place, or ease the pain if you already have the condition. That’s because controlling your weight helps avoid injuries.


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#3: Steer clear of inflammatory foods
Foods that contain refined sugar, salt, oil and flour, such as fast foods, processed meals and junk foods, are highly inflammatory and make arthritis pain worse. Replace these foods with whole food including unrefined sugar, salt, oil and flour, and organic fruits and vegetables.
#4: Take supplements
Most arthritis patients are deficient in a number of essential nutrients, such as vitamins A, B6, B12 and C. If this includes you, you should take supplements. Other supplements that have been shown to help with arthritis pain are turmeric and extracts of green tea, bromelain, pomegranate, holy basil leaf and piperine from black pepper.
#5: Drink adequate amounts of water
Staying hydrated can help you significantly improve your condition. If you struggle to reach your daily quota, try keeping a water bottle with you so you can fill it up wherever you go.
These drug-free approaches to managing arthritis pain are much safer than relying on NSAIDs.

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Forget NSAIDs! Here's how to manage arthritis pain the natural way
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