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Ease arthritis and joint pain by eating one of these foods

by , 25 January 2018
Ease arthritis and joint pain by eating one of these foods
Arthritis and joint pain happens when your cartilage cells break apart, clog up the synovial fluid and bring on an inflammatory reaction. There are a number of factors that can cause or contribute to the pain, including age, genetics and a door diet.

Fortunately, there are a handful of key foods that can help you shore up on your joint health and ease arthritis and joint pain. Keep reading for three of them.

Three top foods for arthritis and joint pain

#1: Oranges
In one study, people with arthritis and joint pain in their knees who took a daily orange peel extract for eight weeks reported a reduction in pain. They also had lower levels of an inflammatory compound that a placebo group. Researchers behind the study attributed this pain-relieving benefit to a bioflavonoid in citrus fruit called nobiletin. To get maximum bioflavonoid content, use whole oranges (with the peel on and all) in smoothies. If you prefer to eat them in whole form, leave the albedo layer (the white fuzzy stuff on when peeling.


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#2: Salmon
Salmon is a stellar source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are renowned for their anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have found that omega-3 supplementation triggers a number of key reactions that lead to less joint inflammation, especially in people who suffer from arthritis and joint pain. Some studies have even found that omega-3 supplements can decrease the need to take NSAID drugs, such as ibuprofen. While fresh salmon is your best bet, canned varieties also pack a punch of omegas.
#3: Kefir
This cultured milk delivers a healthy dose of gut-friendly bacteria, including one strain called L. casei. In one study, participants took a dose of this bacteria for two months. At the end of the study, they had less joint stiffness and lower levels of inflammation markers than a placebo group. Kefir is delicious in smoothies or poured over cereals. Take note: Unsweetened brands contain more bacteria than sweetened versions.
What foods do you recommend for arthritis and joint pain?

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Ease arthritis and joint pain by eating one of these foods
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