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Cherries aren't just a natural remedy for gout, they're good for your osteoarthritis too!

by , 28 March 2014

You may already know that eating between eight and ten cherries every day can help reduce gout flare-ups.

But did you know cherries can help keep your joint swelling from osteoarthritis in check too? You see, cherries are a rich source of magnesium and potassium. And magnesium is a natural painkiller and potassium helps reduce inflammation.

Here's what researchers discovered when they put cherries to the test…

Studies prove cherries can help reduce joint swelling and pain  

Researchers from the Philadelphia VA Medical Centre gave 53 osteoarthritis patients 235ml of tart cherry juice twice a day for six weeks. At the end of the study, the patients had significantly less joint pain and stiffness.

When they stopped taking the cherry juice daily, their joint pain and stiffness came back.

In another study at the Baylor Research Institute in the US, over 50% of the participants experienced reduced joint pain after taking a cherry supplement every day for eight weeks.

The supplement in this study contained 100mg of anthocyanins. Just to put that into perspective, 85g of pitted dark cherries contain anything from 80mg to 300mg of anthocyanins.

So what are your options for getting all the goodness from cherries?


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Your different options for getting all the joint pain relief from cherries 

If you like cherries, simply eat a handful of them every day to keep your joint pain away. But if you don’t like the tartness of cherries, here’s a few more options for you:

• Buy cherry juice.
• Eat canned cherries in syrup.
• Make your own sweet cherry syrup by boiling cherries in water.
• Or, take a cherry supplement containing 100mg of anthocyanins.

With all these options available to you, it’s easy to reduce your joint swelling and pain with cherries. Not to mention, much healthier than arthritis drugs. So head off to your green grocer or health shop today and stock up on some cherry goodness. 

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Cherries aren't just a natural remedy for gout, they're good for your osteoarthritis too!
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