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Can coconut oil help arthritis pain? We find out

by , 24 August 2017
Can coconut oil help arthritis pain? We find out
Arthritis is a common joint disease that can cause serious pain. Excruciating arthritis pain can actually affect your mental as well as physical health...

Considering the pain, many arthritis patients turn to prescription medications. However, a large number of patients are now turning to coconut oil, which is considered a low-cost, side effect-free alternative to prescription medications.

Should arthritis patients really be using coconut oil for arthritis pain? Let's find out now...

How coconut oil helps with arthritis pain

More and more people are now opting to use natural remedies to ease pain and discomfort caused by different ailments. One of the most popular choices is coconut oil. But how does it help?
According to studies, coconut oil helps with arthritis pain in the following ways...
Coconut oil reduces inflammation
Studies show that using coconut oil regularly can help reduce inflammation because of its high content of medium-chain fatty acids, which circulate in the body for a longer period than other fats.
Coconut oil improves blood flow
Coconut oil promotes blood circulation to the affected joints, which, in turn, helps relieve pain. This works especially well if the oil is warmed and then massaged into the painful joints.


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Coconut oil strengthens bones
Rubbing coconut oil into stiff joints regularly helps lubricate and strengthen bones. Stronger bones handle pressure better and feel less pain over time.
Coconut oil reduces joint infections
Many experts argue that arthritis is the result of joint infections. Antibiotics offer no relief in this case because they can’t penetrate the membranes around the joints. This is where coconut oil comes in – it penetrates into the joints and works as a natural antibiotic to get rid of a systemic infection.

How to apply coconut oil for arthritis pain

Now that you’ve got an idea of how coconut oil helps with arthritis pain, you’re probably wondering how to apply it and how much to apply...
It’s very straightforward: Apply coconut directly onto your arthritic joints for pain relief. The amount you apply depends on what you want to achieve. To treat arthritis pain, you should use one tablespoon of coconut oil three times a day.
If you’re only trying to prevent arthritis pain, one teaspoon of coconut oil per day will do the trick.

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Can coconut oil help arthritis pain? We find out
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