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Are you one of the 40% who suffer from shooting back pain? Here's some help for relief

by , 02 April 2015

40% of people suffer from nerve irritation in their lower back that cause pain to surge through your buttock and the backs of your legs when you move in a certain way.

The common term for this is sciatica pain, and it involves a type of pinched nerve in your back.

It can be very painful when you do certain tasks, and it can leave you unable to do anything further until the pain subsides and you stop irritating the nerve.

You might think it's your fate to suffer from back pain for the rest of your life, but it's not!

And here's what you can do to keep sciatica pain from ruining your life…

Here’s your treatment action plan to keep sciatica pain at bay

Use these four natural ways to keep your sciatic pain at bay…
#1. Exercise
The last thing you want to do when you have back pain is exercise. But if you do a for of exercise that stretches and relieves your pain, wouldn’t you try it?
That’s where yoga comes in.
Doing easy poses can help relieve the pressure on the nerve in your back and bring about instant relief. Yoga can also help you better your posture and thus lower your chance of suffering from recurring sciatica.
*********** Hot off the press ************
What you, the Germans, Ancient Greeks and Shakespeare all have in common
The Germans didn't grant sciatica the nickname "witch's shot" for nothing.  Ancient Greek records confirm the anguish of sciatica pain as far back as the 5th century B.C.
But sciatica's place in history doesn't end there...
In 1607, Shakespeare used sciatica as a weapon in Act 4, Scene 1 of Timon of the Athens: "Thou cold sciatica, cripple our senators, that their limbs may halt as lamely as their manners."
Today millions of people worldwide suffer daily from the same crippling, "witch's shot" as did our 5th century predecessors.
So then why - with all of today's treatments for terminal diseases, vaccines for the former deadly viruses and the emergence of heart transplants, brain surgeries and other medical wonders  -  do we still continue to suffer from this stubborn, excruciating and downright "wicked" sciatica pain?
Now you can discover the latest proven sciatica treatments that are blasting away pain and immobility for thousands every day.
#2. Massage
Putting some pressure on the area and easing the tension in your muscles can also help relive the pain in your back.
Be gentle and use oils to help lubricate the area.
#3. Heat or ice packs
If your back is painful, use an ice pack for a short time to decrease the inflammation. If your back is stiff, apply an ice pack to the area to loosen up the muscles and allow for better movement.
#4. Devil’s Claw
This is a natural supplement used by arthritis patients to ease the pain in their joints.
Check out what it can do for your pain here…
Bottom line: Don’t simply live with the fact you have joint pain. Do something about it and live a naturally pain-free life. 

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Are you one of the 40% who suffer from shooting back pain? Here's some help for relief
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