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Arthritis And Joint Pain

  • Suffer from arthritis and joint pain? Follow these three sleep tips...
  • If you suffer from arthritis and joint pain, you're familiar with how a lack of sleep can make the pain worse. In fact, research reveals that up to 80% of people with arthritis have difficulty sleeping... Whether you're having trouble falling asleep, tossing and turning throughout the night or waking up in the early hours of the morning, sleep deprivation can make arthritis and joint pain worse... ››› more
  • [09 November 2017]
  • Relieve arthritis and joint pain with these home remedies
  • You may feel arthritis and joint pain in your knees, hips, hands and other joints throughout your body. In addition to pain, there's often swelling and redness around your joints, which causes stiffness and limited movement in the affected body parts. Ouch! Instead of using over-the-counter or prescription medication to relieve your arthritis and joint pain, try these simple natural treatments ... ››› more
  • [11 October 2017]
  • If you have arthritis and joint pain, don't eat these foods!
  • If you suffer from arthritis and joint pain, there are tons of reasons to clean up your diet… You see, arthritis can cause pain, swelling and stiffness in your joints. And because extra kilos put added pressure on your joints - potentially intensifying symptoms and leading to the deterioration of your joints in the long run - you should make it your goal to maintain a healthy weight. You s... ››› more
  • [11 August 2017]

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