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Anxiety And Depression

  • Short sleep boosts your risk of anxiety and depression, according to research
  • Your doctor recommends that you get at least eight hours of sleep a night, but is it really that important to get that much shuteye every night? New research from Binghamton University, State University of New York in the United States says yes. In their study, researchers found a link between sleeping less than the recommended eight hours a night and intrusive, repetitive thoughts like those s... ››› more
  • [10 January 2018]
  • If you're anxious or depressed, take a deep breath to beat the feelings of depression
  • As you walk around outside there are some distinct indications that spring is just around the corner. And one of those is a familiar, fresh smell of a tiny purple flower. It's the sweet, pretty smell of Lavender. But it's not just the smell of spring that hits your nose when you smell lavender, it does something so much more! In fact, there are studies that show just how lavender is ... ››› more
  • [26 August 2014]

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