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Weight loss products aren't enough - here's how to break through a plateau

by , 29 August 2017
Weight loss products aren't enough - here's how to break through a plateau
In your early adult years, it's easy to drop a few kilos. But after you turn 40, you may hit a wall. No, your scale isn't broken - it's tough to bust through a plateau as you get older! Can you relate? If so, you're probably wondering if weight loss products can help…

The short answer is yes, they can. The long answer is that they won't work unless you make a few small tweaks to your lifestyle as well. Read on for our top tips on how to break through a plateau in addition to using weight loss products.

Tips to break through a plateau that go beyond weight loss products

Exercise more
We get it – not everyone enjoys exercise. But here’s the thing: It’s a non-negotiable part of any weight loss plan! Plus, endorphins are actually really addicting. Make it your goal to exercise for at least 30 minutes per day, three times per week. Although working out in the gym is most ideal, it’s not your only option – at-home fitness videos can also help you reach your goal. Slowly work your way up to exercising five or six times per week – the more you exercise, the quicker your weight will melt off!


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Eat five small meals per day
Instead of eating breakfast, lunch and dinner daily with snacks in-between, break your three meals of the day into five smaller portions. You may look forward to a huge dinner after a long day, but trust us – avoiding eating a huge meal before bed at night will make you feel great and sleep better. Within as little as a week of implementing this small change, you’ll see your weight budge.
Lift weights
Some people say lifting – not cardio – is the magic pill for weight loss. That’s because it really does work! After just one week of weightlifting, you’ll see a difference in your shape. Weightlifting will help you reach your weight loss goal faster and, in turn, develop a love affair with barbells. This type of exercise is also super-important when it comes to preventing bone loss.
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Weight loss products aren't enough - here's how to break through a plateau
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