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Want to burn more fat while you run? Check out these three tips…

by , 04 December 2017
Want to burn more fat while you run? Check out these three tips…
If you're a runner, I'm guessing reaching your ideal weight is at the top of your list of goals. Not only to make you look and feel better, but also to help you run faster.

Don't believe it? A 2007 study found that for every percentage increase in body mass, it cost study participants an extra 1.4% in metabolic energy to propel themselves forward. Here are three tips to burn fat while you run…

Three fat-burning tips for runners

#1: Run for longer than 90 minutes
It goes without saying that longer workouts burn more calories. But when you run for longer than 90 minutes, you boost your body’s ability to use fat as energy. Several studies have found that the longer a person exercised, the longer it took for their metabolic rate to return to pre-exercise levels. Try to complete one or two long runs every week. Keep in mind that long runs are more taxing on your body, so you might not be able to do more than one per week.

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#2: Make your runs more intense
The more intense your workout, the more fat you burn – even if you workout doesn’t last very long. Since you probably work out at an easy or moderate effort for all your runs, this may be the missing link between maintaining your current weight and shedding those extra kilos. Try the Warrior Dash – a combination of running and obstacles that keeps your heart rate high and increases the amount of energy you continue to burn after you finish. The key is to make the difficult portions of your workout very difficult, and to take enough recovery so you can keep going at the same intensity level.
#3: Run more than four times a week
If you run one to four times a week, from an advanced weight-loss perspective, that’s just not enough. Running four or more times a week is essential to create more spikes in your heart rate and metabolic activity and, in turn, increase the number of calories you burn on a daily basis. Increased consistency will also help you run faster, prevent injuries and become a better runner.
There you have it – our top tips for burning more fat while you run.

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Want to burn more fat while you run? Check out these three tips…
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