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Is weight loss on the menu for you this week? Here's what I like about banting and I what I don't!

by , 22 April 2015

There's no doubt banting helps you lose weight, despite being a high-fat diet.

There's enough evidence out there of people who've tried it and have lost weight.

And it's time the low-fat myth was busted. Society has only gotten fatter during the fat-free craze ‘era'.

But is banting healthy? Let's have a look…

The good and the bad of the banting weight loss diet

The key to banting is to cut carbs and eat fat.

Your body breaks down carbs for energy. But because we no longer live active lives, we end up storing most of the carbs we eat as fat because we don’t get to burn them off fast enough.

Add to this the blood sugar rollercoaster you get every time you eat a high carb meal and it’s no wonder we’re all fat!

So that’s what I like about banting. Cutting carbs, especially refined carbs, I think is a great idea for a weight loss solution.

BUT, I do share the concern with many doctors and other health professionals that high animal fat is bad for you.

Don’t get me wrong, fat is necessary. It provides energy, makes up membranes, is needed for the production of hormones and vitamin D and regulates blood sugar. Even lettuce and carrots contain small amounts of fat.

But eating excess animal fat increases the triglycerides in your blood. This can increase your risk for plaque deposits in your arteries, in turn increasing your risk for stroke and heart attack.

Think this is not possible? Ask your thin friends if they have high cholesterol and you’ll be amazed that high cholesterol in the blood isn’t only a problem for fat people.

So is there a way to do the banting diet without all the animal fat?

Try the banting weight loss diet with a variation!

Instead of the crazy amount of animal fat you eat when banting, replace it with healthy unsaturated fats.
They actually improve your blood cholesterol levels, ease inflammation and stabilise heart rhythms.
Unsaturated fats are normally found in plants. They include: Vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, avocados and fish.  
P.S. Lose 12 kilos in 6 months or less… And NOT by dieting!
Some of the other benefits that you can expect at the same time:
·         Lose weight and be able to keep it off for good!
·         Reduce your risk of heart disease
·         Reduce your blood cholesterol levels
·         Reduce cravings
·         Feel fuller for longer after a meal
·         Feel more energetic
·         Your confidence levels will soar
Yes! I want to lose 12 kilos in 6 months or less…

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Is weight loss on the menu for you this week? Here's what I like about banting and I what I don't!
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