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Four weight loss foods you can eat on the go

by , 05 September 2017
Four weight loss foods you can eat on the go
It's a problem that registered dieticians hear about all the time from their clients: Eating healthy on the go can be very difficult! The sudden cravings can make even the healthiest person reach for a not-so-healthy snack...

Not to fear - we've developed some genius solutions to keep you healthy even on the busiest of days. Here are four weight loss foods you can eat on the go - let us know what you think!

Four weight loss foods to prevent unhealthy eating on the go

#1: Chia-spiked yoghurt
You might still need two hands to eat this one, but it’s sure to fill you up and boost your energy. Simply mix one cup of full-fat Greek yoghurt with a tablespoon of chia seeds or ground flax in a small portable container. Don’t forget to take a spoon along!
#2: Sliced raw vegetables
Snacking vegetables go way beyond baby carrots and celery sticks. Try sliced cucumber, bell pepper or zucchini dipped in a single-serve container of guacamole or hummus for a nutrient-rich – not to mention super-tasty – snack.


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#3: Bean chips or roasted chickpeas
Individual packets of bean chips or roasted chickpeas aren’t only convenient snacks because they’re portion-controlled so you don’t have to think about how much you’re eating – they’re also packed with protein, fibre and some healthy fat, which will keep you full and satiated until your next meal.
#4: A ripe avocado
You can take an avocado anywhere with you as a snack because it comes in its own “carrying case” – all you need is a knife to cut it open! Plus, they’re ever so versatile – you can eat it plain, or spread it crackers, chips or crudités. Chockfull of fibre and healthy fat, an avocado will keep you full for hours.
Make sure you pack one of these weight loss foods before your next busy day!

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Four weight loss foods you can eat on the go
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