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Do body wraps really help with weight loss?

by , 30 March 2015

Ingredients used in spas for body wraps include honey, rosemary, butter, eucalyptus, chocolate and clay.

The therapist usually applies a scrub to exfoliate dry skin away. After a shower, you lie on a massage table over a thermal blanket. The therapist then lathers your skin with wrap products of your choice and wraps your body parts tightly in plastic.

When you're all tightly wrapped, the thermal blanket and additional towels make you sweat.

After about 30 minutes, the therapist unwraps you and wipes you down and you leave with silky soft skin and an appearance of having lost weight.

But is it really possible to lose weight from a wrap? Let's have a closer look…

Body wraps give you the impression of fast weight loss

You may lose a kilo or so after a wrap and even look slightly thinner and think the money you spent is worth it. But, the problem is, the weight loss benefits aren’t permanent.

The reason you lose weight is because the heat and the compression make you sweat out excess water in your skin cells. But, even this is short-lived. After a couple of days, you’re back to your old weight and fuller frame again.

So want to know how to REALLY lose weight permanently? Keep reading…

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But don’t just take Demi, Katy, Jennifer and Kim’s spectacular bodies as proof.
This natural fast loss duo is so effective, leading experts like weight loss guru Lisa Lynn and News of the World’s Dr Hilary Jones have endorsed it too.
And when you see how they work, you’ll understand why…


Weight loss solutions that REALLY work!

There is nothing that replaces these five ESSENTIAL elements for weight loss, regardless of what you pay:

1.   A healthy, balanced diet
2.   Cardio exercise
3.   Stress management
4.   Balanced hormones
5.   Adequate sleep (seven to eight hours every night)

There you have it. The not-so-secretive essential elements you cannot escape if you want to lose weight.

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