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Smart tips that slow down the process of balding revealed!

by , 05 December 2013

You're getting older and your hair doesn't seem to be as full as it used to be. You're worried about balding. Here are some steps to ensure you're not actually speeding up the process.

Balding in men is a natural process. Some men suffer from premature balding, and so do some women. 
Stick to the following helpful hair hints to slow down the balding process
Stay away from too many chemicals. The more concerned you are about the thinning, the more likely you are to use those no-no chemicals. Wash your hair with a mild and gentle shampoo and avoid brushing too frequently.
After washing your hair, don’t towel dry by rubbing harshly. As much as possible, let hair dry naturally. Avoid sleeping on wet hair. As you move around in the night, your hair gets matted and knotted; more frequently so when it’s wet. 
Stress is the root of all evils, and it is no different in hair loss. Stress causes your hair to fall out, so get that under control fast!
Your diet plays a role in every element of your life, even in blading
Your diet is essential in keeping your body running in top form. Include foods rich in iron, protein, Vitamin B and C, Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Zinc part of your daily meals. 
Low calories liquid diets will leave you with falling locks, so avoid diet fads like this!
Eating lots of egg whites will see the same effect.
If you’re worried that your diet doesn’t match up to the requirement your hair needs, don’t be afraid to add supplements. Try FSP Health’s Bald No More supplement if you refuse to lose your hair!
You can have strong healthy hair once more; it’s easier than you could have thought. Don’t let the stress of balding ruin your life, make these small changes to your habits and move forward.

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Smart tips that slow down the process of balding revealed!
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