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Toothache? Take this quick home test to see if you need a filling or just a new brand of toothpaste

by , 25 October 2013

Do your teeth hurt when you eat a bowl of creamy vanilla ice-cream? Do you feel a sharp biting pain when you bite down on something hard - like an apple or pizza crust? Do your ears hurt? Before you run to the dentist to patch up your cavity, take this test. Your discomfort could be nothing more than sensitive teeth.

Toothache is the most common dental complaint around the world.

And it’s the top reason people visit a dentist.

And, says health.india.com: “If we were to ask 10 people what is the cause for toothaches, 9 of them would blame it on tooth decay.”

But here’s the thing, there are plenty of reasons your teeth hurt.

And one of the most common is tooth sensitivity.

But how do you know if toothache needs a filling or is just sign of tooth sensitivity?

Take this simple home test…

Take this quick at home dental home test to tell…

Examine the tooth in a mirror. If it appears shinier than the teeth near it (or if the gum line has receded more), you may have worn away the enamel or gum by over brushing, explains Men’s Health.

If this is the case, your pain is likely to be nothing more than heightened tooth sensitivity. To relive the discomfort, try swopping your toothpaste for a ‘sensitive’ version. This work wonders.

If, on the other hand, the tooth looks just like the neighbouring teeth and your feel a persistent sharp pain, phone your dentist. It could be a sign of a cavity. 

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