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Say goodbye to muscle pain and fatigue with the sunshine vitamin...

by , 31 July 2013

An exciting study done in England could have you running around the tennis courts and spinning on the dance floor - like a teenager again! The research from the Newcastle University showed vitamin D - also known as the sunshine vitamin - could be the key that finally frees you from muscle pain and fatigue. Read on...

In fact, it could free you from much more than just the pain. Imagine, not being bound to the couch anymore. Imagine, being able to roll around with the grandkids and tend to your garden once more. It all may very well be possible with the help of vitamin D...

The Newcastle study, presented at the Society for Endocrinology’s annual conference, looked at muscle recovery times for 12 patients suffering from vitamin D deficiency.

The participants performed calf exercises before and after taking vitamin D supplements for 12 weeks.

Remarkable pain relief from vitamin D...
After just two to three months of supplementing with vitamin D, every single participant (that's 100% of all 12 patients) experienced faster muscle recovery times.

And, they reported a dramatic reduction in muscle fatigue.

In fact, their muscles recovered almost 20% better than before they began taking their daily dose of vitamin D.

Vitamin D - an all rounder good-for-you vitamin...

Vitamin D is a remarkable nutrient. It's been shown to help control blood sugar, help ward off certain cancers, keep your bones strong and more.

The best news is, you can get this vitamin free. Just spend 20 minutes in the sun every day with your head and arms exposed - and with no sunscreen... You'll be soaking in this vitamin exactly the way Mother Nature intended.
If you are unable to spend 20 minutes in the sun, opt for a quality multivitamin that contains vitamin D3 - the second most natural form you can get.

And, if you're plagued with joint pain, you may find relief in another set of uniquely formulated natural nutrients. This formulation has already helped thousands of people manage their pain and live an active lifestyle.

There is no joy in going through each day with chronic pain. In fact, pain has been shown to negatively affect our health and wellbeing. Don't put up with it - you deserve better. Find out more about this 11-in-1 natural pain-relieving formulation here...
Use your body's own healing power to make your joints strong and supple...

By supporting your joints from the inside out, you could soothe your joints, rebuild cartilage and halt deterioration in your joints – safely, naturally and without any adverse side-effects.

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Say goodbye to muscle pain and fatigue with the sunshine vitamin...
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