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Renotone: An effective treatment to help you pass kidney stones easier and prevent them from forming in the first place

by , 10 July 2013

Kidney stones are an excruciating ordeal that's been described as more painful than childbirth. And every year, millions experience that terrible sensation of passing a kidney stone. Read on to find out how Renotone can help you pass kidney stones easier and help you avoid developing subsequent stones.

Kidney stones are one of the most common and most painful urinary tract disorders. Conditions that contribute to the formation of kidney stones include kidney disorders, metabolic disorders (such as hyperparathyroidism), urinary tract infections, hereditary conditions, gout, diet, certain diuretics, calcium supplements, calcium-based antacids and excessive intake of vitamin D.

Unfortunately, if you’ve had one kidney stone, you’re likely to get another.

But it’s not all doom and gloom.

According to Underground Treatments, several human trials of the herbal treatment Renotone have demonstrated that it can help you pass kidney stones and avoid developing subsequent stones.

And that’s something pharmaceuticals just can’t seem to do.

Pass kidney stones easier with Renotone

In one of these studies, researchers asked 255 individuals with kidney stones to take two capsules of Renotone twice a day. The subjects weren’t given any other diuretics, anti-inflammatories, or anti-spasmodic drugs.

An astounding 233 subjects (91.3%) expelled their stones within one to three months of beginning treatment.

It gets even better…

Of those 233 patients, 47 expelled the stone as sand-like material, suggesting the Renotone can actually dissolve the stone within the body. Only 22 of the patients had stones that had to be removed mechanically.

A few studies also suggest that Renotone may help prevent new stones from forming!

While researchers haven’t yet done any long-term studies to track recurrence rates among kidney stone patients who take Renotone, they’ve concluded that treatment with Renotone changes the chemical composition of urine.

This is because Renotone lowers levels of calcium and oxalic acid (two substances known to contribute to the formation of kidney stones) and raises levels of phosphorus (a substance known to inhibit the creation of kidney stones).

If you have kidney stones and would like to try this treatment, speak to your doctor about whether it could work for you.

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Renotone: An effective treatment to help you pass kidney stones easier and prevent them from forming in the first place
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