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Open wide! Oral health is the easiest way to assess your overall health

by , 12 April 2013

It's national oral health month in Canada - but this doesn't mean you should just focus on your teeth and gums. Because did you know that taking better care of your oral health will result in better health overall? Here's how to boost your overall health by taking better care of your oral health, and vice versa.

Are you one of millions who dreads a check-up at the dentist?
You shouldn’t.
The whole body can benefit from a trip to the dentist, says The Delta Optimist.
That’s because research shows there’s a connection between our oral health and our overall health, particularly to serious health problems like diabetes, pneumonia, heart disease, stroke and low birth-weight babies. 
That’s why it’s a good idea to quit smoking.
Because smoking not only yellows and weakens your teeth, it also makes postmenopausal women more likely to lose their teeth due to periodontal disease, says FSP Health.
Periodontal disease is a chronic, inflammatory condition that may be related to the development of cancer.
Here’s how flossing boosts your physical health AND your mental health
That’s why it’s a good idea to floss regularly between your teeth.
If you don’t, your gums are likely to become swollen or even bleed, which is a sign that gingivitis has already set in – and this is an early warning sign of periodontal disease, says eHow.
But it’s not just your physical health that you’ll be protecting by taking better care of your oral health.
Even your mental health benefits from paying more attention to your oral health by flossing your teeth regularly.
That’s right, all it takes is flossing your teeth regularly to protect against memory loss
Another way to boost your mental health by taking better care of your oral health…
And simply brushing your teeth with the other hand could boost your brain power and memory by 40% a week, reducing your risk of Alzheimer’s disease, says FSP Health.
And the relationship works in reverse too.
Because if dentists pick up dental erosion, this is a sign of stomach acid problems like heartburn, adds The Delta Optimist. 
So taking better care of your oral health could save you lots of time in the doctor’s office down the line!

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