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Is adult acne putting a blemish on your self-image? Get clear skin by treating acne from the inside out! Here's how…

by , 19 July 2013

Contrary to popular relief, teens aren't the only ones who suffer from the scourge of pimples. Of course, there are always ads and infomercials that promise clear skin by using lotions and potions. But did you know adult acne is more likely a symptom of an internal problem? If you're an adult with acne, here are some simple treatments to clear up your skin once and for all…

Adult acne can be a painful and embarrassing problem that rocks your self-image to the core. Here’s how you can treat the source of adult acne and clear up your skin once and for all.

Quit buying creams: Your adult acne might be a symptom of a food allergy

Here’s something beauty companies don’t want you to know: 60% of adult acne cases are caused by a food allergy, reports Nutrition and Healing.

The most common food allergies that cause acne are milk and sugar. The Huffington Post reports that refined carbohydrates like white flour, all refined sugars, milk, cheese, butter and yoghurt can all trigger breakouts in adults.

Try avoiding dairy products for a week and see if your skin clears up – it’s that simple! If it doesn’t, do the same exclusion experiment with sugar. You may be surprised and delighted to learn you’re one of the 60% of adults who suffer from acne because of a food allergy.

Let your skin glow by feeding it right

Adult acne can often make your skin dull and lifeless even in the relatively clear areas. Feed your skin with the nutrients it needs to maintain elasticity and give it that ‘natural glow’ all the celebrities have!

Get plenty of zinc and essential fatty acids from oily fish to control the oil in your skin. Vitamin A from carrots and sweet potatoes will keep your skin supple and young looking.

You can have the skin you’ve always wanted by simply eliminating acne from the inside out!

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Is adult acne putting a blemish on your self-image? Get clear skin by treating acne from the inside out! Here's how…
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