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Have researchers finally discovered the cause of Crohn's disease?

by , 04 October 2016
Have researchers finally discovered the cause of Crohn's disease?
Crohn's disease has come to the forefront of autoimmune diseases in recent years and the reason why is clear - nearly 570,000 people in America alone are diagnosed with this inflammatory condition!

If you've been diagnosed with Crohn's disease or have experienced symptoms and asked your doctor what causes it, you'll know that the cause is unknown. It's widely suggested that it's due to an abnormal response of the immune system, but no one's really been sure of the exact cause. Well, not up until now…

Researchers at the Case Western Reserve and University Hospitals Cleveland in Ohio in the US have uncovered that they've put a finer point on what they believe may be the leading culprit of Crohn's disease… you'll never guess what it is!

Scientists have long known that Crohn’s disease is a result of your immune system reacting to two types of gut bacteria

In people with Crohn’s disease, their E. Coli and Serratia marcescens bacteria levels are higher than normal, while their healthy bacteria levels are lower.
For this eye-opening new study, researchers found that there’s another key microbe, a fungus that goes by the name of Candida tropicalis, which works in tandem with the above-mentioned bacteria. Together, they form a very thin layer in your digestive tract that can cause the serious inflammation linked to Crohn’s disease symptoms.
David Perlmutter, a brain and gut health expert and author or Grain Brain, commented on this new finding, “These findings related to Crohn’s disease are similar to previous reports focused on other autoimmune conditions like multiple sclerosis confirming that the delicate balance of our immune systems is, to a great extent, dictated by organisms making up our microbiome. It’s a revelation to embrace the idea that germs are, by and large, our friends.”

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Researchers say that by following an anti-inflammatory diet and balancing your hormones, you can prevent Crohn’s disease

With all eyes on gut health right now, it’s become clear that by following an anti-inflammatory diet and balancing your hormones, you can help balance the bacteria that lives in your cut and prevent inflammatory conditions like Crohn’s disease, researchers says.
Dr Joel Kahn, an American plant-based cardiologist, offered insight on the dietary changes you can make to prevent Crohn’s disease or reduce symptoms, “Although much more data is needed, dietary changes have been shown have a positive influence on Crohn's disease. A semi-vegetarian diet has been shown to have a profound influence on the relapse rate of Crohn's disease and it is likely that this is in part due to a favourable environment for a healthy microbiome. Lactose sensitivity may be much more common in Crohn's Disease. This study provides hope for a cure for Crohn's by manipulating the microbiome through diet and supplementation, even faecal transplantation.”
Studies like this help scientists and doctors get closer to finding out exactly what the cause of amorphous autoimmune diseases like Crohn’s disease is. Ultimately, this brings the world closer to finding more effective treatment. Crohn’s disease is a hot topic in the health world right now, so keep your eyes peeled for more news!

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Have researchers finally discovered the cause of Crohn's disease?
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