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Daily stressors getting the better of you? Here are three scientifically proven practices for a perfect night's sleep

by , 28 March 2017
Daily stressors getting the better of you? Here are three scientifically proven practices for a perfect night's sleep
If you're an insomniac, you can be assured that you're not alone. There are millions, if not billions, of other people out there who also struggle to fall (and stay asleep every night).

Three of the biggest contributors to insomnia are daily stressors, diet and lifestyle. Couple that with the artificial lighting of your smartphone, tablet, computer and television screen and you're almost guaranteed to go to sleep and wake up at different times every day. Over time, this can lead to unhealthy sleep patterns and insomnia.

Thankfully, there are ways to get back into a good sleep routine and re-energise your life. The following three science-backed practices are a fantastic way to start! Practise them every night before bed and soon enough, you'll be back in full swing of falling asleep easily and waking up feeling like a million bucks.

Three things to do before bed every night for sound sleep

#1: Fit in some exercise
Sometimes it’s easier to roll out of bed early (especially if you’re an insomniac) and hit the gym. But going after work, or in the early evening, is a far better choice. Exercising will calm your mind, body and excitement levels to ensure a sound night of deep sleep!  Try exercising for 20 minutes or more at least three hours before bed. It should be a hard-core exercise, like cycling or running on the treadmill. By the time your head hits the pillow, you’ll be too sleepy to think.

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#2: Take a lavender essential oil bath
A warm (not hot) bath about an hour before bed, especially one laced with lavender essential oil, is excellent for calming your mind and body. The experience of warmth, followed by the cooling down of your skin after the bath, will help prepare your mind and body for a good night’s sleep. For additional benefits, add one cup of natural sea salt and 10 drops of lavender essential oil. Step in, lie back and soak for up to 30 minutes. By the time you jump out, you’ll be ready to hit the pillow.
#3: Drink a cup of chamomile tea
Chamomile is a herb that’s long been associated with inducing sleepiness – and you can be sure that it lives up to its claim. This herb is also fantastic for easing feelings of anxiety and depression. It’s the ultimate herb to consume to put your mind at ease and calm your whole body! And the best way to consume it? In a tea! Have a hot cup of chamomile tea before bed. Simply steep a tablespoon of the herb in hot water for 15 to 20 minutes, then add honey or stevia for sweetness and drink up. I’d recommend drinking it black, as dairy can keep you awake.
Keep in mind: You might experience a period of time where these natural tips don’t work. But patience is key – keep trying. Your body will heal and you will sleep.

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Daily stressors getting the better of you? Here are three scientifically proven practices for a perfect night's sleep
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