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These foods can cause coronary artery disease, according to science

by , 31 August 2017
These foods can cause coronary artery disease, according to science
Coronary artery disease is a major problem in the western world. Although it's one of the major killers, it's usually a condition that you can prevent. The trick is to eat a healthy diet and avoid foods that can increase your risk of developing coronary artery disease at some point in your life.

There are tons of theories over certain foods that cause the condition, but some studies show no effect or haven't been proven at all yet. It's time to get educated - read on to learn about some foods you need to avoid or cut down on to prevent coronary artery disease.

Avoid these foods to prevent coronary artery disease

Fried foods
Sure, fried foods like fried chicken, fish, calamari and pork rinds may be delicious, but oil is linked to high cholesterol levels and heart disease. It’s true that you need some oil in your diet, but you need the right ones in the right ways. This doesn’t mean you can use healthy lifestyle as an excuse to indulge in fried foods every night! Anyway, there are healthier ways to cook your foods.
There’s a good and bad type of dairy. According to scientists, full-fat dairy are associated with higher cholesterol levels, which can lead to heart disease. The problem with full-fat options is their high cholesterol levels. By opting for low-fat or reduced fat dairy, you’ll get rid of some of the cholesterol.


For over 20 years, the health profession has been flat out wrong!

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The French are renowned for their high fat diet.
From buttery croissants and double-thick cream to duck fat, liver paté, decadent sauces and soft, oozy Camembert. Not a meal goes by where they don’t indulge foods rich in heart-clogging fat.
But here’s the surprising thing:
Their hearts are amazingly healthy!
In fact, according to the World Health Organisation, the average South African is three times more likely to suffer from heart problems than the French.

Even more surprising, their heart health stats are the third lowest in the world – just behind Korea and Japan. 
How do they do it? 

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Canned vegetables
Canned vegetables are convenient because you can stock up on them in bulk – not to mention keep your grocery bill to a minimum. However, they’re not heart-healthy. Canned vegetables don’t contain cholesterol, but they’re brimming with salt. High sodium levels are tied to heart problems of all sorts.
Cold cut meat
Like canned vegetables, the problem with cold cut meat is that they’re so readily available and affordable. They can also be easier to use than healthier, lean cuts of meat. But what’s more important – your health or the ease of cutting your meat? Cold cut meat is full of extra salt and have barely any nutritional value. In fact, just one slice packs about 250 g of sodium!
Make sure you steer clear of these foods that are tied to higher risk of coronary artery disease!

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These foods can cause coronary artery disease, according to science
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