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Five signs of heart attack in women you should know about

by , 01 August 2017
Five signs of heart attack in women you should know about
Signs of heart attack differ from men to women. Women don't always experience the same typical heart attack symptoms as men, such as crushing chest pain that radiates down one arms.

Yes, some women do experience these symptoms, but in such a case they're usually vague or even silent…

On that note, we're sharing five signs of heart attack in women that you should take note of - here they are.

Common signs of heart attack in women

#1: Shortness of breath and nausea
Shortness of breath is a classic sign of heart attack in women – especially if it’s accompanied by nausea and other symptoms. It may feel like you’re run a marathon when you’ve barely even moved.
#2: Chest pain and discomfort
Chest pain is a typical heart attack symptom, but one that usually varies from woman to woman. Some may feel like the pain is all over their chest, while others may feel a squeezing or fullness on their left side only. 


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#3: Pain in your neck, arms, back or jaw
Pain in the neck, arms, back or jaw is far more common in women than in men. The pain may be sudden or gradual and can sometimes confuse women who expect their pain to be primarily in their chest and left arm. If you’re asleep whilst experiencing this symptom, it might even wake you up.
#4: Cold sweats
Another heart attack symptom that mainly applies to women is breaking out in a cold, nervous sweat. In most cases, it feels more like a stress-related sweat than perspiration from doing exercise or spending time out in the heat. If you don’t usually just break out in sweats like this, consider it a warning sign.
#5: Fatigue
When a heart attack strikes, some women may feel fatigued and extremely tired, even if they’ve been sitting still or haven’t moved much. They may also feel a weakness in their chest that restricts them from doing simple activities like walking to the bathroom.
If you ever experience one or more these signs of heart attack in women, you should seek medical attention immediately.

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Five signs of heart attack in women you should know about
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