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Top diet tips if you're losing hair and want luscious locks again

by , 14 June 2017
Top diet tips if you're losing hair and want luscious locks again
Are you losing hair? Don't worry, it's pretty common - and the triggers range from stress and hormones to depression and diet.

Thankfully, you can get your locks looking luscious again by adjusting your diet. Here are our top tricks!

How to tweak your diet if you’re losing hair

Eat more protein
Boosting your protein intake can help if a bad diet is the reason you’re losing hair. A reasonable portion or meat, fish or plant-based protein can make up about half of your 45 g daily quota of protein. Try adding up how much protein you eat daily for one week to see if you’re getting enough or not – you may surprise yourself at how little protein you actually eat!
Up the vitamins!
Deficiencies in vitamins such as vitamin D or B12 can slow down hair growth and lead to hair thinning. You can easily resolve such deficiencies by increasing your intake of meat, fish and dairy. Taking a quality vitamin B complex supplement is another option. Considering vitamin D deficiency is on the rise, it’s also a good idea to ask your doctor to test your levels.

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Boost your iron
Your levels of Ferritin, which is the protein that stores iron in your body, lowers in your 20s and 30s when life gets stressful and busy. Low iron is one of the most common causes of hair thinning and hair loss,  but you can reset your hair growth from the inside out by simply eating more iron-rich foods or taking an iron supplement.
Don’t eat fast food
Have you noticed that people who indulge in unhealthy habits – we’re talking eating lots of fast food, smoking, drinking excessively and never exercising – rarely have great hair? Your hair is a direct reflection of your diet and wellbeing – therefore, eating well will naturally make your hair look healthy!
There you have it – our top diet tips if you’re losing hair.

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Top diet tips if you're losing hair and want luscious locks again
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