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Three unexpected reasons why your sexual desire is suffering

by , 07 December 2017
Three unexpected reasons why your sexual desire is suffering
If you think there's such thing as a ‘normal' libido, well, you're wrong.

In fact, some researchers have argued that the current cultural fascination with sexual desire - and stuff that can heat it up or cool it down - is fuelled by drug-makers increasing consumer concern about disorders that don't even exist!

That may be a bit of an exaggeration. Either way, there's no doubt that some people have a stronger sex drive than others - and that certain lifestyle factors can help or hurt an individual's libido.

Read on for three unexpected reasons why your libido is lacking...

Three lifestyle factors that are killing your sexual desire

#1: Your levels of vitamin D are low
While depression has many causes, several studies have shown that too-little vitamin D – a nutrient that most of us are deficient in – can promote depression, possibly by throwing off your brain’s levels of feel-good hormones. Research has also shown that depression causes a drop in libido among both men and women. While there’s no research that proves that taking a vitamin D supplement will boost your sexual desire, Austrian and German research has found that men who get more of the vitamin have higher levels of testosterone, which are associated with an improved sex drive.

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#2: You exercise too close to bedtime
While it’s true that exercising promotes sound sleep, exercising within four hours of your bedtime can have the opposite effect and keep you up at night. Too little sleep can reduce your body’s production of testosterone, which, again, could be a drag on your sexual desire. Lack of shut-eye can also contribute to low mood or depression, which may also knock your libido. Exercising and eating earlier, as well as cutting back on alcohol, are simple ways to ensure you sleep better tonight.
#3: You don’t maintain a healthy weight
Some research suggests that obesity could be a reason for a decrease in libido. Excess body weight may lower your circulating levels of testosterone, which could explain the drop in sexual desire, say the authors behind a 2011 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. The same study shows that dropping just 5% of your body weight can result in a significant jump in your sexual desire. It goes without saying that maintaining a healthy weight is key to maintaining a sultry sex life!
There you have it – three little-known reasons why your sexual desire has taken a nosedive.

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Three unexpected reasons why your sexual desire is suffering
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