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Three natural constipation remedies you already have in your kitchen

by , 31 August 2017
Three natural constipation remedies you already have in your kitchen
Millions of people around the world suffer with constipation, an annoying and sometimes painful condition. So what's the definition of constipated? Technically speaking, it's if you have less than three stools per week. Perhaps it's time you learned to poop more often…

No, we're not about to suggest that you take laxatives. There are lots of natural constipation remedies you can try to keep your digestive system functioning at top speed for regular bowel movements. Here are three that you already have in your kitchen.

Give these three natural constipation remedies a try

#1: Lemon water
There may be nothing fancy about a cup of warm water infused with half of an organic lemon, but it can do wonders for a sluggish digestive system! Lemon water boosts alkalinity (that’s right, lemon actually makes your body less acidic) and helps flush out waste and toxins. It also hydrates your lymph system, strengthens your immune system and acts as a natural diuretic. Get into the habit of drinking one or two cups of lemon water each morning. Trust us – your body will thank you!


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#2: Coconut oil
Endearingly known as the “go-to” that’s great for just about anything – from killing candida to moisturising dry skin – this tropical treasure can also help relieve digestion. Coconut oil promotes a quicker breakdown of food, speeds up your metabolism and cleanses your colon. It also improves the tone of your intestinal muscles and balances your stomach pH levels, which promotes regular bowel movements. You can consume coconut oil straight from the jar, mix it with tea or coffee or add it to smoothies.
#3: Calendula
Frequently confused with the common marigold plant seen in gardens, calendula is actually a very different plant. For many centuries, people have been using calendula to treat a number of medical conditions due to its strong anti-inflammatory component. When used topically, it can help heal scrapes and wounds. When taken orally, it can help ease a bout of constipation. Simply steep a teaspoon of dried calendula leaves in hot water for a few minutes and then drink one cup of the tea to soothe cramping and encourage healthy digestion.
Please note that it’s important to discuss these natural constipation remedies with your doctor before you try them.

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Three natural constipation remedies you already have in your kitchen
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