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These health foods may be wreaking havoc on your health and digestion

by , 13 July 2017
These health foods may be wreaking havoc on your health and digestion
When it comes to improving your health and digestion by healing candidiasis, there are particular foods you should keep off the menu.

You should already know to avoid foods such as chocolates, cookies, pastries and soft drinks. But you might be surprised to know that there are also a number of so-called health foods that can also encourage candida from colonising your gut…

If you're trying to eat healthier to heal candidiasis, make sure you stay away from these healthy eats that could have the opposite effect on your health and digestion!

Keep your health and digestion in check by avoiding these healthy foods that encourage candida overgrowth

Green juice
Wait – isn’t green juice one of the healthiest drinks around? While it sounds super-healthy, it can actually undermine your healthy efforts. That’s because most green juices are packed with fruit, which hits your bloodstream very quickly. Your best bet is to blend up green juice without the fruit. If need be, you can always add some lemon juice or ginger to offset the green – not to mention add some serious anti-inflammatory properties to your juice.


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While fruit provides a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibre and more, most fruits are brimming with sugar. If you’re trying to healing candidiasis, the fruits you should avoid at all costs include bananas, grapes, mango, dates and dried fruit. Opt for lower-sugar fruits such as berries instead. If you’re concerned that you’ll skimp on nutrients, make sure you fill up on non-starchy vegetables, which will provide the same nutritional benefits as fruit without the sugar bomb.
It may not be real sugar, but xylitol can be just as harmful to your health and digestion. This artificial sweetener wreaks havoc on your digestive tract, making it difficult to maintain an optimal gut environment. Our best advice? Do yourself a favour and skip it.
Fermented drinks and foods like kombucha feed probiotic bacteria that support a healthy microbiota in the long run, but if you’re actively trying to treat candida overgrowth, you should cut back on them. The reason being that too kombucha can actually act as food for the candida cells. Furthermore, kombucha contains traces of alcohol, which is known to be bad for your gut. Try infused water instead.
Admit it – you would’ve never guessed that these healthy foods could wreak havoc on your health and digestion by feeding candida!

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These health foods may be wreaking havoc on your health and digestion
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