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The secret to a healthy sex life is an abundance of energy in your kidneys… here are five herbs that can help with that!

by , 30 September 2016
The secret to a healthy sex life is an abundance of energy in your kidneys… here are five herbs that can help with that!
Want to spice up your sex life? Good news - you've come to the right place…

For centuries, people have been using herbal medicine to enhance sexual pleasure and potency. There are many plants that aren't only known to be able to directly arouse sexual desire, but are also able to fortify sexual organs for enhanced stamina and pleasure. There are a number of reasons why your sexual vitality can become blocked- stress, circulation problems, fatigue or kidney depletion, for example.

The key to an amazing sex life is an abundance of “jing”, or energy, in your kidneys. Because your kidneys are actually your body's reservoir of stored vitality, when you directly replenish them through herbs, a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle habits, you can release energy to any organ on demand!

These five herbs are excellent for stimulating your sexual appetite and performance - try them out!

Five herbs that will spice up your sex life

#1: Muira Puama
This herb is a serious sex enhancer – it invigorates the sexual organs of both men and women and can even promote sex drive in impotent men. When you combine this herb with Catuaba, which I’ll get to in a second, it works even better!
#2: Catuaba
Amongst all of the aphrodisiac plants out there, Catuaba is one of the most popular. In Brazil, the people regard it as an aphrodisiac with “proven efficacy”. What’s even better is it boasts a long history of safe use.

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#3: Damiana
Looking for a serious erotic potion? Look no further than Damiana! It’s one of the most notorious sexual tonics and herbal aphrodisiacs. It helps induced a calm state of mind for enhanced arousal and even elevates your mood.
#4: Ginseng
Some people say that ginseng is like a se hormone all to itself. If you suffer from a very low sex drive, this herb is sure to do the trick! It enhances endurances and provokes excitement like no other. In lab studies with female rats, there was even an increase in their ability to attract males during mating season.
#5: Lycium
You may have heard before that this delicious red berry can help you live a longer life. But did you know that it also leads to stronger energy and vigour In Chinese herbalism, it’s actually known as the “essential sexual tonic herb”. Interesting!
You’ll find the above listed herbs at your local health food store where you’ll be able to buy them in bulk. You can use them as a tea or blend them into a smoothie – both are very effective.
Lycium fruit is sold loose and can be found at most Chinese herbal stores. Some companies also carry these herbal tonic products in the form of supplements.

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The secret to a healthy sex life is an abundance of energy in your kidneys… here are five herbs that can help with that!
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