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The crash diet you're on might be why you're losing hair...

by , 17 July 2017
The crash diet you're on might be why you're losing hair...
We're all familiar with the most common reasons for losing hair, such as anaemia, thyroid disease, protein deficiency, low vitamin levels and chemotherapy. But you probably would've never guessed that crash diets might also lead to extraordinary hair loss...

These findings go according to Dr Adolf Klenk, a leading global hair scientist. The German-based doctor was in South Africa earlier this year to present his latest research on hair. For his full findings on how losing hair may be a result of following a crash diet, read on.

First things first – what exactly is crash dieting?

Dr Klenk explains that crash dieting is losing weight very quickly in an extremely short period of time.
You’ve likely heard of some of the most popular ones before, such as The Master Cleanse Diet, The Grapefruit Crash Diet and The Cayenne Pepper Diet (which was made famous by Beyoncé).

The crash diet you’re on might be why you’re losing hair, says a leading global hair scientist

According to Dr Klenk, hair loss affects approximately 50% of men and 40% of women. Some of main causes are genetics, hormone imbalance and stress.
Dr Klenk says that lots of women opt to go on extreme crash diets to lose weight quickly but these diets do more bad than good in a sense that they have a negative effect on their hair and health. He explains that a lack of adequate nutrition due to strong reduction diets is usually what leads to abnormal hair loss.


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“Hair roots need lots of energy to grow efficiently. Reductionist diets lead to a low level of nutrients reaching the hair root. This, coupled with stress, may lead to brittle hair and premature hair loss,” said Klenk.
Dr Klenk added that stress and hormonal changes that women experience during menopause may also lead to reduced oestrogen and increased testosterone levels, which may cause hair loss.
If you’re on a crash diet and you’re losing hair, it goes without saying that you should go off it and go on a sustainable diet to lose weight instead.

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The crash diet you're on might be why you're losing hair...
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