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Most hair loss is NOT genetic! And that means you can solve yours

by , 23 March 2015

Studies show that if you have a healthy head of hair, your scalp replaces the strands you lose at the same rate you lose them.

But lose more than 200 hairs a day, your hair growth can't keep up.

Your cherished head of hair starts to thin and, one day, you wake up with an embarrassing bald patch. Gone is the full, thick head of hair you used to get compliments for.

Is it because of your dad? Your grandpa? Your great-grandpa?

Sometimes. After all genetics DO play a part in balding. But the truth is, most people don't lose hair because of their genes.

They lose it because their hair follicles are trapped and blocked off from vital blood supplies they need to nourish their development. Your hair, quite literally is being starved to death.

Solve that and most, if not all, of your lost hair will come back.

And that's why today, we're posting this infographic on natural remedies that nourish your hair and fight balding.

Hair loss and balding doesn't have to lie in your future - try these natural remedies below

Source: http://positivefoodie.com/natural-remedies-for-hair-loss/ 

Those are useful tips, aren't they?

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Most hair loss is NOT genetic! And that means you can solve yours
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