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If you're addicted to drinking fizzy drinks, you're damaging your kidney and heart, and shortening your lifespan!

by , 23 September 2016
If you're addicted to drinking fizzy drinks, you're damaging your kidney and heart, and shortening your lifespan!
If you thought you have to guzzle down five cans of fizzy drinks a day to do damage to your health, think again! According to a surprising study that was presented at Kidney Week 2013, it only takes two cans a day to do a number on your kidney function…

The researchers behind the study also found that fizzy drinks can boost your risk of cardiovascular disease and even mortality. Needless to say, it's time to ditch the bubbly stuff! Keep reading below to learn more about these frightening findings.

Japanese researchers find that drinking two soft drinks a day can increase your risk of kidney disease

For the study, researchers from Osaka University in Japan examined almost 8,000 university employees. Each one had perfectly normal kidney function. They then split the participants into three groups: Those who drank soft drinks once a day, those who enjoyed two a day and those who abstained from it completely.
After a three-year follow-up, the researchers found that over 10% of the group that drank two fizzy drinks a day developed proteinuria, an abnormally high level of proteins in their urine and also a major risk factor for end-stage kidney disease!
While the researchers were unable to pinpoint the specific mechanism that links drinking soft drinks to proteinuria, they made a few suggestions. “Oxidative stress and inflammation induced by fructose, which is more active sugar than glucose, may play an important role,” reported study author Ryohei Yamamoto, a professor in the department of geriatric medicine and nephrology at the university.

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And that’s not all… drinking soft drinks – whether the regular or diet kind – can increase your risk of heart problems and mortality, too!

Past animal studies have investigated the effect of fructose on the kidneys. One specific study conducted by Case Western Reserve University in America found that consuming moderate amounts of fructose for 13 consecutive days caused kidneys to become very sensitive to a protein that regulates salt in rats. According to researchers, this sensitivity can lead to high blood pressure and kidney failure.
If you think you’re off the hook with diet soft drinks, think again! Participants in the Japanese study consumed both regular and diet fizzy drinks, according to Dr Yamamoto. And that’s not all – proteinuria can boost your risk of heart disease and even mortality, the researchers stressed.
Swap out sugar-loaded soft drinks for healthier options like fresh fruit or vegetable juice, coconut water or fruit-infused water.

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If you're addicted to drinking fizzy drinks, you're damaging your kidney and heart, and shortening your lifespan!
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